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by B4st13n
27 Aug 2015, 07:34
Forum: Other questions
Topic: Emulate key from 1 to 0
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Emulate key from 1 to 0

Hello, I'm able to use xpadder to play some third person RPG games like Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 or Lotro. With set and combination of buttons I can emulate everything: I can move, move my camera, select a target (ennemy or friend), take an object, ... Right now I'm using a voice recognition softwar...
by B4st13n
09 Jul 2015, 09:10
Forum: Other questions
Topic: Variables for RPG
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Variables for RPG

Hello, I'm using Xpadder for several years now. I really like it and the software is really simple to use. But it is also for several years I'm waiting for a some simple improvement: * Is it possible to add variables in the system. I think about this for games like Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2 and many...
by B4st13n
09 Nov 2014, 08:11
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Divine Divinity II (X360)
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Re: Divine Divinity II (X360)

No, the title is divine divinity.
by B4st13n
08 Aug 2014, 08:14
Forum: How do I do this assignment? Mouse actions
Topic: Play hack and slash like beat them all
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Play hack and slash like beat them all

Hello, I'm looking for a script to make ma able to play a hack and slash like a beat them all. I would like to be able to control my character in Diablo or Mighty Quest for Epic Loot like in Gauntlet or Lara Croft Gardian of Light games. I found a script for Diabo but when I push my gamepad stick to...

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