TOP THIS Controller Images (A_Mirror_Darkley_Series)

Controller images that are universal, functional only or for detailed discussions
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TOP THIS Controller Images (A_Mirror_Darkley_Series)

Post by Oke_Doke »

Hey Xpadder.... uh People.. Here are some controller images for a compressed layout. With this you can see your assignments while you play. :D
Image Image
EDIT: Altered Trigger configuration for better visual communication of intended function.
Controller Theme: Show
Copy one of the images above and paste it into Xpadder in Controller settings. (apropriate help image :?: )
Configure your profile using a TOPTHIS controller image as a template
Example Setup: Show
1. Use a screen Window topping program (sold seperatly :P ) to keep Xpadder "Always on top".

2. Open your game and maximize the window. Move The Xpadder window to a position where it won't interfere with your view of the game.(full screen wont work as your other windows will vanish anyway.. :?: )

3. Play your game with all your controls in plane view. Enjoy.
Example Use A: Show
Example Use B: Show

(I just noticed that picasaweb seems to preserve png. Will run some tests to see if this could solve my image hosting problem. :keen: )
:rightthumbup: :?: :leftthumbdown:
P.S. A 2nd monitor of course renders TOPTHIS superfluous. 8)
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Reason: Corrected weird extra pixel width on TOPTHIS_03.png

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Re: TOP THIS Controller Images (Concept)

Post by Jonathan »

Nice idea and nice design :keen:

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Re: TOP THIS Controller Images (A_Mirror_Darkley_Series)

Post by Woovie »

Wow this is pretty great. Will be using.

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Re: TOP THIS Controller Images (A_Mirror_Darkley_Series)

Post by enochtobin »

Very nice, just what I was looking for and the minimalist controller image icing on the cake. Thx.

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Re: TOP THIS Controller Images (A_Mirror_Darkley_Series)

Post by jzn2 »

A blank profile with button locations would be awesome.

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