How to download a theme image

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How to download a theme image

Post by Jonathan »

Right-click on the image in the forum and save the picture as a BMP bitmap.
Open the new image file you saved into Xpadder using the theme settings.

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Re: How to download a theme image

Post by Primal Fear »

If you use Firefox, you cannot simply select to save the image in a different file format. Copy&Paste it instead into Pain and select there to save it as 24-Bit Bitmap.
Paint comes with Windows and should be installed for everyone (except you did choose to not install it in the Windows installation process, but in that case you have probably a alternative graphics program installed that can do this job too)

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Re: How to download a theme image

Post by pdl »

I had this problem with Firefox also but I used IE to work around it, it should be fixed in Firefox.

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