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1.Use magic wand to copy and paste controller into new transparent layer.
2.Create a new layer and fill with magenta 255 0 255 b-60
3.Then select controller layer with magic wand and invert selection.
4.On top options bar select, "Subtract from Selection" Tolerance 32 tick Anti-alias and Contiguous and leave sample all layers blank.
5.Click "Refine Edges" slide Contrast to 100% and Shift Edges -100% tick Decontaminate Colors and slide Amount to 100% click ok.
6.Select controller layer with magic wand and inverse selection.
7.Go to: Select / Modify / Contract - contract by 1 and select "Apply effect at canvas bounds. Click ok.
8. Repeat 3-5 again and your done. Save as bitmap and import into Xpadder.

Some images are more pixelated so, first you will use "Filter / Sharpen / Sharpen Edges to the controller image then follow steps 3 - 8.
Also contract by 2 instead of 1.

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