xpadder not working in sudeki on my windows 8.1

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xpadder not working in sudeki on my windows 8.1

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just downloaded this program for some games I downloaded from gog.com. It detected my old recoil pc game pad and I finally assigned the buttons it could detect and assigned a few arrow buttons to the cross pad to test it in the game bore learning what else I'll need but it isn't detected when I start the game. So I closed it and tried to ruun it in administrator mode but this is the message I got. I'm running windows 8.1


Unsupported Windows version detected

Detected 6.2
Supported XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7

This program requires advanced features that are only supported by the above versions.

now I get this message all the time Since I couldn't get a response before on the game does that mean all games will need it to run as administrator to detect it? Also now when I try to open it I get that message every time. Is there a way to go back and not run the program as adminastrator?

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