Xpadder not working in ClassiCube

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Xpadder not working in ClassiCube

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Hey, I'm trying to use Xpadder with ClassiCube, and am having a problem. Out of the game Xpadder works fine, but when I go into the game, the controller just doesn't do anything. I tried it in Notepad and it worked fine. I'm using ClassiCube in windowed mode to test it out, and I can use the controller to put the cursor over the in game window, but when I use the controller to try to click on a button, nothing happens (The button lights up when the cursor is over it though). When I click on that window with a mouse and then move my cursor out of the window, Xpadder doesn't work either, but after I click out of that window, everything works again. :?

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I'm running Xpadder in administrator.
Edit 2: Just tried Pinnacle Game Profiler and it works in there.

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