Button combination to enable and disable Xpadder.

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Button combination to enable and disable Xpadder.

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Long story short, there is a free program out there called XboxMouse that comes pre-programed with a button combo that if you press LB + RB + B, it quits controlling the mouse and turns off any other shortcuts until you press LB + RB + B again, and then it turns them back on. I am trying to find a way to do this same kind of thing with Xpadder.

In case anyone cares to know the reason why I want to do this, I am building a console replacement HTPC, and I am chasing the dream of being able to control the whole thing from an XBox 360 controller and never needing to plug in a keyboard or mouse. I have tried a lot of similar software, and the reason I chose Xpadder is because this is the only app in its class where you can actually control the app with the controller. For all of the other apps like PGP or JoyToKey or even the free XboxMouse app I mentioned, once the app to program the controller is open, I lose control of the controller, and I need to go get the mouse out.

However, there are times when I need to be able to turn controller-mouse-emulation off. For instance, when I boot up my PC and boot into Steam Big Picture mode, I don't need Xpadder or anything like it to mouse control, because controller support is built into big picture. However, once I launch BF4, I need mouse control from my controller to be able to browse Battlelog, and then once BF4 starts, I need to turn that mouse control back off so I can use the in-game controller support. However, the in game controller support is a little bit crappy, so there are times in game when I need to get control of my mouse again to be able to change settings and navigate the menus. There are a lot of other examples that I could give, but you get the idea.

Right now I am running both XboxMouse and Xpadder to do everything that I need to do, but if I am running XboxMouse with Xpadder shut down, and I accidentally right click the XboxMouse icon in the system tray, it's all over. I have to go get the mouse again.

Anyway, I am kind of new to Xpadder, and I apologize if this is already addressed elsewhere in the documentation or another forum thread. I figure there is probably some kind of way to do what I need to do with sets. I guess I am hoping that there is an easier way or maybe someone already has a profile built for this kind of thing.

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