Special toggle behavior

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Special toggle behavior

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Hey guys, I'm trying to create special toggle behavior for the xbox 360 analog triggers.

I have left bound to ctrl and right bound to alt. I'd like these to be toggle, which xpadder can do no problem. However what I need is for every button on the controller to be a one way toggle release for both ctrl and alt, including the shoulder triggers too. Basically I want only the triggers to turn the ctrl and alt toggles on, but anything else (including the triggers of course) can turn the toggle off.

A sequence of button presses for example:
Press right trigger: alt is toggled on.
Press left trigger: alt is toggled off and ctrl is toggled on.
Press A button: ctrl is toggled off.

I didn't see a feature that directly did this, but I did play around with some of the advanced config options and I thought it might be possible. Does anyone with more xpadder skills know if this can be done?

I also have a secondary stretch goal that if the triggers are held down instead of pressed, they will act in normal behavior and release when I release instead of being a toggle. I see a lot of examples doing this sort of thing so I think I could figure this out if I can get the first behavior working.

If anyone can help I'd be greatly appreciative.

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