Using XBOX Controller Right Trigger for Throttle/Gas

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Using XBOX Controller Right Trigger for Throttle/Gas

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Hi Everyone,

I spent last night understanding most aspects of XPadder.

It works great and solved a problem I had in SBK 09 (Superbikes) where my new XBOX Wireless Controller would not actually steer left when I assigned "Steer Left" to the left analog stick. Steering right would work fine. I am prettty sure it is a bug in the game. I obviously got around it by using XPadder.

Using Xpadder presents a new problem though which I am sure has been answered somewhere on this forum or on the Internet - I just can't find it or I don't know which technical jargon to search for.

As we all know throttle and braking control is paramount for good lap times etc. Using XPadder now has disabled this ability as my right trigger, when pushed, is either full throttle or no throttle...This is understandable due to the game seeing it as a keyboard input which is either on or off.

My question is: Is there any way around it so that I can set up my left and right triggers to be able to control throttle and braking more accurtaely e.g. 20 %, 50% and so on - you guys know what I mean.

Or is there another software utility?

Any help is appreciated.

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