Suggestion for future updates

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Suggestion for future updates

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One big issues with Xppader that you can't do so much. But is one thing how we should look and maybe it will woks. Now I will give you simple example so it will be easy to understand what about I am talking:

Set1Selector1Name=Map Mode
Set1Selector1Type=2 or 1 (What type of selector is: 2 = Two way, 1 = one way)
Set1Selector1Slot=2 (here you can assign which set number it is)
Set1Button1Name=Map Mode / Journal
Set1Button1Slots=HOLD ZONE 0.25s,J,RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Set1Selector2,M,RELEASE ZONE 0.25s

If we can manage that instead we assigning button to set, maybe better will be like set to make as button (emulate as button) like in example was Set1Selector1.With this thing you program became so powerful and also will be easy to make more complicated tasks: where with one press do command Tap and Switch set plus when you hold same button you can switch to another set and so on.

Or is another solution - Is to make a new command like Set1Combo1, Set1Combo2, so in this situation example is:

Set1Button1Name=Map Mode / Journal
Set1Combo1 = M, Set2 (so it means that with one press it do two commands : it press keyboard button M and switch set to Set2)
Set1Button1Slots=HOLD ZONE 0.25s,J,RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Set1Combo1,RELEASE ZONE 0.25s

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