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Xpadder Tablet Keyboard App

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First off, I'd like to say that I love Xpadder and use it daily to opperate all my cumputers functions with the ease of my gamepad(xbox360 wireless controller). Thank you for providing us all with such a great application.

That being said I'd like to see more works from you and I'm coming to you with this first. I had an idea that I would like to submit to you in the hopes that you might accept my challenge. I know that it might be a bit presumptuous of myself to assume that you might have the capability, time or knowledge to accomplish this request but I feel that its equally presumptuous of me to think otherwise considering the amazing achievements that you have no doubt already earned. So here it goes...

I would like to use a more ergonomic keyboard on my tablet (Samsung galaxy tab4 android kitkat[ROOTED]) and other touchscreen devices. I can't help but think that how nice it would be to have your Xpadders profile, layout and assignment capabilities to create a custom keyboard for my handheld touchscreen devices. Replacing the highly over-rated and outdated QWERTY box-row formation that every keyboard app and most desktop/laptop hardware keyboards misserably fail at. Yes the ergo and split keyboard apps out are ok but they're just a micro fraction of a tease to what a touch screen keyboard should be. I'd like to be able to add mouse function and all the standard PC keys that are normaly optional on the Xpadder PC application. I use my tablet ocassionally to remotely access my home network and personal PC's, while at home and away, I need multipress capability and all the extra keys that a PC keyboard has versus the standard touchscreen device keyboard. Don't get me wrong though, this could be much more than just a "keyboard" for a touchscreen device (ie: gamepad for a PC, PC multimedia remote control, graphics tablet to illusrate and photoshop with the mouse functions on a PC, etc.). Basicly, I'm looking for a way to add bottons anywhere on the screen, in the basic shapes/sizes (ie: square; rectangle; circle; triangle) and then assign keypress and mouse functions. Including the advanced assignment options for press+hold thresholds aswell as strings of commands. There doesn't paticularly need to be a backdrop but the option should be avalible as well as transparentcies and color of foregrounds and backgrounds of the buttons.

To further elaborate I would love to have an app for my tablet or even my cellphone that would allow me the freedoms that Xpadder gives me on my PC. I am particularly refering to custom button placement and button count. Like when you press the button on your gamepad and they are then represented as blank squares in Xpadders layout setup but in this case you would just simply add however many active assignable boxes as you can fit or prefer anywhere on the screen. Also allowing the option to shape and size each button differently. This would give you the complete freedom to place keys in any pattern. I would particularly like to make a pattern of two circular or half moon clusters of buttons to each bottom or top quadrants of the touchscreen. Also if possible I'd like to have the ability to add joystick-like function of a circle that could move within a designated zone upon touch and drag. Like what alot of cellphone and tablet action games are equiped with to move your character around but with the ability to assign the different active positions as you do with the gamepad joysticks in Xpadder using standard fourway or eightway and deadzone with a spring back to center when released. Also with the ability to hide the visual assignment characters and boxes keeping a virtual joystick apperance. Incorperating a key swipe option would also be a nice touch.

I suppose before I go too far with this request and explaination, I should probably wait and see if this is even a possibility or within the realm of reason. I humbly ask you to make some magic happen as I would happily donate again for an app like this made by you. Just thought I'd serve up my idea and hope you, Jonathan, return volley with a possitive response.

With Utmost Respect,

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