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Request a feature

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I have been using Xpadder for years and I love the product. Lately, I have been using multiple selectors and I hold a button to let me access a different selector.

The feature I would like to see implemented to have multiple selectors have access to a specific selector time while held at the same time.

This is my setup:

I use selector A and when I hold a button it goes to Selector B. I also use Selector C instead of A sometimes and I want it to go to Selector B as well when I hold the same button.

Currently, I cannot have Selector A and Selector C go to Selector B at the same time. Only one is allowed, so I would have to reconfigure the key each time depending on which selector I choose to use (either A or C).

Thank you for your product and I look forward to more new features. Like PS4 touchpad support :)

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