Multiple Thrustmaster Wheel Rims

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Multiple Thrustmaster Wheel Rims

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Hi @jonathan,

I'm not sure if there is a way to do this, but hopefully you can confirm either way.

I have a Thrustmaster T300 wheel base and three different wheel rims.

I have created a controller profile using the F458 Italia Wheel rim as the background image. All good so far.

But the buttons for my other two wheel rims are in different locations, so I'd like to also create a controller profile for these rims.

So is there any way, when I swap the wheel rims, to tell xpadder to display a different controller profile in the same slot, thereby displaying a new image and button positions ?

I'd be grateful for any answer, even if it's just confirming this is not possible, as I can then stop trying and look for alternate ways to create a 'generic' profile.

Many thanks

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