XPAdder does not work over Antivirus dialog

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XPAdder does not work over Antivirus dialog

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This is an oddball situation involving ONE PC only - other PC's do not exhibit this behaviour.

XPAdder works well. Except when I move the mouse cursor over the Kaspersky anti-virus dialogs, the cursor stops at the edge of the dialog. I can use a regular mouse to navigate these dialogs, it's just XPAdder which refuses to work over the dialog surface (it moves around the rest of the screen outside of the dialog no problem).

My knowledge of these things is not substantial, but I suspect that there is some sort of permissions issue, whereby when the cursor moves over the dialog the mouse messages are not passeed thru to the dialog. The AV software is obviously running with higher privileges.

Looking at the properties using SysInternals Process Explorer Kaspersky has a priority of 8 - XPadder shows priority 24. However XPadder works fine on other PC's so I'm not sure how important that setting is.

Question is, what do I need to change so that XPAdder behaves like a regular mouse with respect to mouse messages? I've configured XPAdder with administrator privileges - it makes no difference.

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