Xpadder is a rare applet, indeed

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Xpadder is a rare applet, indeed

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Yes, I said "applet." That's an "app" that isn't tied to one platform, kids. I'm old.

Age brought me here, in fact! I found out about Xpadder on the GOG.com forums. Some old games, relics from the (gasp) 90's and 00's, don't really know much about fancy, new Xbox 360 controllers for Windows.

I bought a bunch of GOG games not realizing I'd have to play them with the keyboard, which is fine for, say, Fallout, but kind of difficult for Aquanox or Freespace 2. Xpadder does everything I hoped it would do, and more, plus lots of other things. If I could squeeze one request that would elevate Xpadder from a 9.5 to a 10/10, it would be to allow the user to assign names to key/mouse assignments and print a control schematic for each profile, complete with command labels. Thus, you could print a command key that would say, e.g., "Thrust" next to the A button and "Fire" near the right trigger, etc.

That said, I stand by the score of 9.5/10 for this incredible little program. Many thanks!

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