Problem with Classic 2 controller - DirectX enumeration DI8DEVTYPE_SUPPLEMENTAL

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Problem with Classic 2 controller - DirectX enumeration DI8DEVTYPE_SUPPLEMENTAL

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First off I'd like to say Xpadder is !Fantastic! - it enables all my different joysticks to 'just work' with a myraid of emulators without me having to constantly reconfigure the emulators. It really shines when using wireless controllers however with the way it seamlessly re-aquires the controller when it auto shuts off (many emulators do not do this so loose the controller...) - it makes my TV-PC 'console' work perfectly.

After saying all that I have got a new joystick that has 'funky' firmware that doesn't work with Xpadder.

It's a single USB joystick that sorts of acts like a USB hub to connect further joysticks to, so under Directx actually 3 joysticks are enumerated. (In windows only the last two appear). The 'real' joystick is actually the second joystick enumerated whereas the first is actually the 'hub' and therefore doesn't return any buttons or positions - I think this is what messes Xpadder up.

I've investigated the issue and it seems the first one returns a dwDevType of DI8DEVTYPE_SUPPLEMENTAL (0x1C) whereas the next two return DI8DEVTYPE_GAMEPAD (0x15) - so by just ignoring controllers that return DI8DEVTYPE_SUPPLEMENTAL would solve the problem I think.

The joystick is actually a USB Atari 2600 replica from: ... duct_id=50

Apart from this problem it's really nice - easily as good as a real CX-40

Thanks for any help

- PJ

P.S. I'd upload an image but I can't find the upload button on this forum....

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