Why it happens and how to stop it

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Why it happens and how to stop it

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Xpadder saves its settings to a file called Xpadder.ini
This file is saved in the same folder where the Xpadder program file is located

The settings file is only created or updated when the Xpadder program closes
If Xpadder does not close cleanly then the settings file is not created or updated
This issue can also happen if Xpadder.exe is in a folder that cannot be written to

Steps to fix
1) Create a new Xpadder folder in your Documents folder or on your Desktop. Move the Xpadder program file (and any files you have created) into this new folder. These locations are safe to write to. To move the Xpadder program file first ensure Xpadder is closed (right-click the Xpadder icon by the clock)

2) Try running Xpadder, going through the startup messages then right-click the Xpadder icon by the clock. This will close Xpadder down. Have a look in the folder where the Xpadder program is located. A settings file should have appeared.

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