new download - scan shows - TROJ_GEN.F47V0724

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new download - scan shows - TROJ_GEN.F47V0724

Post by toddsmb »

Thought you might like to know that trend-micro doesn't like your code.

I anticipated this possibility prior to purchasing this ware on account of the program needing to hook the keyboard and mouse controls. Perhaps you can contact them and sort this out as it can make peeps nervous about using your software.

ClamAV (linux) is showing clean and my windows AV is showing clean ATM as well, but I always run scans with multiple AV's when the source code is not available.

Incase you want to see what flagged this. ... 374964437/

This is more of a heads up for you than a question.

As a paying customer I deserve a legitimate response to this post. Trolls unwelcome!

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Re: new download - scan shows - TROJ_GEN.F47V0724

Post by Terra Branford »

Wow... that's distressing. Normally Clam AV panics, and warns about "PUA.Win32.Packer.Exe-2", which is just to warn that Xpadder is using a Runtime Packer to cut down on file size, by using it's own "built-in" unpacking utility, when it's executed.

Seeing a warning about a Trojan, however... that is worrisome. I'm very diligent in protecting my system (my friends tell me I'm too paranoid and over-cautious with my computers), and I've never once seen a single anti-virus give a Trojan warning on Xpadder.

Jonathan pays close attention to these boards, so expect him to follow up on your post, but in the meanwhile, is it only Trend-Micro Virus that is flagging Trojan behavior? And while I'm sure you're also diligent about maintaining a safe environment for your PC, have you since performed a more thorough scan on your system? Even though I trust Xpadder (I'm using it on my laptop and two different desktops), I'd be performing a full system scan under Safe Mode, just to be sure.

That said, Trend-Micro Virus does tend to be very... skittish... about files that do things it doesn't "trust". I've had Kaspersky for a while, and have (more or less) gotten used to Xpadder triggering the "Keylogger detected" warnings the moment I start it up... but I've heard that Trend-Micro is even more proactive in "defending the OS from everything!", and producing a great deal of false-positives.

Which leads me to a question I should have asked earlier... is the warning about the Trojan popping up immediately after download/initial scan... or is it popping up when you run Xpadder? If it's showing up before you even run it, it might be detecting the method for unpacking during execution, and seeing it as viral/Trojan like behavior... instead of the normal "key logging" behavior. But if it's triggering the warning only upon execution, it might be something else. I don't know...

I still find it really weird that you're seeing a ~Trojan~ warning... that should never happen. For now, we'll have to wait for Jonathan's reply, because this is outside of my area of expertise.

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Re: new download - scan shows - TROJ_GEN.F47V0724


it just seems to be the usual problem with most software thats not digitally signed that does those kind of processes

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