Xpadder is blocked because it could harm your device

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Xpadder is blocked because it could harm your device

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Sometimes Windows, browsers or security software block Xpadder from being downloaded or being run.
The block is probably not because of Xpadder itself but because it is a program that has been downloaded from the internet. There is a potential for any downloaded program to cause problems so by default they are blocked.
Occasionally, Xpadder specifically is blocked. This usually happens around the time I release a new version. This new version is unknown and so it takes time for security software to trust this new version.

There are so many ways that this problem can appear - it depends on your versions of Windows, browser and security software.
A quick internet search using the exact error message text will usually give you a guide to disabling the block.

If cannot find any help online, or can provide a guide for a particular error, then please post a reply to this topic

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