DSD Track Boss Button Box (simracing) Derek Spear Designs

If your controller is USB but not for Xbox 360 or PlayStation then look here
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DSD Track Boss Button Box (simracing) Derek Spear Designs

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I have been using Xpadder for my many Simracing controllers and I figure I'd share some of the images I took to help me map the keys as necessary. X-padder has been invaluable for me especially with older or not well developed games that can only support from 1 to 3 max controllers. Most serious Simracers can easily have several different units they need to use at any given time.
For instance, I have a wheel base with 4 different wheel rims, pedals, a button box 1 sequential shifter, 1 H-pattern shifter and occasionally a game controller. In addition, many of us, me included, have a spare wheel or two and spare pedals or extra shifters. Xpadder gives me the ability to quickly switch from one to the other without having to remap too many things. Having the pictures helps not only recognize the units but also sometimes map the buttons over the image. So here they are, starting with the:



Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zit4y1bia2ywp ... x.bmp?dl=0

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