Multi-directional firing - Use Xpadder to do the work!

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Multi-directional firing - Use Xpadder to do the work!

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I've just finished Robotron 64 (N64)! Very fun

Like SmashTV, you use one set of controls to move and another to shoot in that direction. On the original N64 controller, you moved with the stick and shot using the C buttons. On an emulator (I use PJ64) you can assign the C buttons to the right stick on your controller.

Some of the levels though I was literally cornered and found that madly rotating the "gun" stick was a possible way to recover. This was very tiring!

I then wondered if Xpadder could help. I created a sequence on the right trigger to fire once in each of the 8 directions and then repeat. I did with this very small time slots. I added a Toggle so I simply clicked the Right Trigger once and Xpadder made the character fill the level with gunfire!

It was still hard to finish all the levels and I still had to manually move the stick in the direction I wanted more bullets to go in but Xpadder had my back 8)

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