How safe and efficient is Xpadder?

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How safe and efficient is Xpadder?

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Xpadder is designed to be as well-behaved and efficient as possible
- Xpadder is one single program file! It does not need installing
- Xpadder runs like any standard Windows program. It is not a complicated driver or service
- Xpadder does not make any changes to your system (apart from saving files you choose to save and updating the registry based on your options)
- Xpadder is under 2 megabytes in size and requires only a few megabytes of memory to run (if your PC uses Windows XP or higher then it easily meets Xpadder's requirements)
- Xpadder has no online functions. It does not connect to any server or call home without your permission (because it cannot call at all!)
- Xpadder is portable. You can put it on a USB memory drive and take it with you with all your settings and files!
- Xpadder is being developed and tested daily to ensure bugs are fixed as soon as possible

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