1.5 - Using Xpadder in a game or program

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1.5 - Using Xpadder in a game or program

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How to use Xpadder with a game or program
Before you can use Xpadder with a game or program you must first create a Profile for the game or program.
If you have already created the Profile then you need to open the Profile in Xpadder first
Now minimize Xpadder (so it drops into the clock area of your task bar) and start the game. Xpadder will work in the background converting your controller buttons press and stick movements into the key presses and mouses actions you have assigned.

Xpadder isn't working with the game!
If Xpadder is not working in your game then try opening Notepad or Word and use Xpadder to type some letters. This will confirm that Xpadder is configured and working correctly.
If the Notepad test does not work then return to the Profile topic for assistance
If the Notepad test does work then the game may be running in admin mode. If this is the case then Xpadder is currently unable to send any keys to it.
The fix this problem you need to completely close Xpadder (right-click on its icon in the clock area) and then run Xpadder itself in admin mode. To do this you need to right click on the Xpadder shortcut you usually run and right-click. There will be an option to "Run as administrator". Xpadder will now run in admin mode and will be able to send keys to the game.
For more details see this topic

I've had fun using Xpadder to play the game. Now how do I close Xpadder?
See the next topic - Saving and closing Xpadder

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