Looking For a Very Basic Mouse Profile

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Looking For a Very Basic Mouse Profile

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I have a Logitech F710. It works fine in the xbox controller mode, as far as I can tell, for whatever controller based game I use it for.

I'm just looking for a very basic profile to start with, for basic mouse emulation, so I can use it for slow paced games from the couch. Things like panzer corps, or frozen synapse, and such.

Essentially, I would like the left stick to do mouse pointer positioning, and the right to do the wheel. If I could then have a button for left click, and one for right click, one for forward, and one for back, as well as middle wheel, I should be mostly all set. It doesn't need to be fancy, just something so that I can play things like civilization and such, is good. I could assign a few extra buttons from there, but you get the idea. I'm really just looking for a simple mouse control game setup.

Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction on setting something like that up? I've had some issues in 8.1 trying to make my controller play nice with windows, so I'm afraid to swap modes, let alone install the logitech drivers, and am just running the xbox 360 windows drivers that are built into 8.1. That's mostly why I'm posting, as I'm afraid I'll lose functionality if I mess with things too much, when it already works ok as a basic xbox 360 controller.

/I think I may have posted in the wrong spot. Please move me to the help area, if that's the correct area. Sorry about that.

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