Might and Magic VII For Blood and Honor

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Might and Magic VII For Blood and Honor

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I am a long time user and pretty big fan of Xpadder.. but new to this forum...
feeling a bit nostalgic I've just purchased, Might and Magic VII,. a game I played a bunch,. years ago.. and was pretty excited about the prospect of writing a gamepad profile to control it with an Xbox controller, rather than having to lean over the keyboard and use the mouse to play it..
the game works great, but it wont let me play it in windowed mode.. and full screened it's like in protected shell, that I can't control with Xpadder.. I have 3 monitors connected to my pc.. the game takes over the main one, and renders the other 2 useless.. and minimizing the game glitches the graphics..
so though I've written a profile for it.. it doesn't work,. I know this isn't really an issue with Xpadder,. but I thought I'd explain the issue on here,. to see if anyone had any ideas to make this work... or maybe it's not possible?

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