Official Xbox One

If your controller has a silver button with a green X then look here
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Primal Fear
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Official Xbox One

Post by Primal Fear »

Important Notice
Tinypic has been shutting down, so all my controller images are not accessible from there anymore. But no worry, everything is backed up. I don't know any today still free image hosting site allowing direct links (and if there is one we don't know for how long it will still be free to use) and also I don't feel like uploading and replacing the link for every single controller image I ever made (putting this text in every thread is already quite a lot work too).

So I have simply uploaded my whole collection to Google Drive accessible under the link below. ... sp=sharing

A nice online backup and much more conveniently to handle for me, but unfortunately you won't be able to simply use the Xpadder typical Copy&Paste method anymore.
How to download: Show
You need to open the link, again search for the controller you are interested in and then click the download icon that will appear in the upper left corner of the image when you hover on it with the mouse cursor. Left clicking it will show you the whole image, then the download icon will be in the upper right of the screen.
Then simply open the image (with any kind of image viewer or editor, simply double click should work fine) and from there the typical Copy&Paste way will work.
Some of the images are .bpm files, these can alternatively be open directly with Xpadder.
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Re: Official Microsoft Gamepads

Post by paralipsis »

This is my first attempt at a controller image. Any corrections that need to be made or general advice would be appreciated.

I'm aware the LT and RT images are reversed, but it kinda looked better to me that way.

Also, I don't know if this is really the right place to post this, but it's an official Microsoft Gamepad, even if the Xbox One isn't the 360. I'm happy to relocate and or edit this post as required.

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Re: Official Xbox 360

Post by geraldfogg »

Primal Fear wrote:Image

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Re: Official Xbox One

Post by matthilo1 »

I also made one quite a time ago. I think it looks strange with images of the trigger buttons, so i replaced them with black rectangles.
It is over there in the console subforum:

Or take it from here:
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Re: Official Xbox One

Post by Mobeeuz »

I just purchased an XBox one controller (taking too long for the damn steampad) but I still use my 360 wireless as well. I wanted to have matching controller images but there really isn't any. I spotted Existential Eggs take on the 360 controller and took a shine to it so I've modified his design for an XB1 controller. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing it because really, the work is all his...


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Re: Official Xbox One

Post by SuperGeri70 »

Link to my OneDrive Album with all "Flash Artwork" Images:!AsonrtHWGAjegbNGjgX8sFlxTENuNQ

:) :geek:






These "Xpadder-Controller-images" look best when you set the Controller-Transparency in the Xpadder Design settings to about 30% to 60%!

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