Variables for RPG

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Variables for RPG

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I'm using Xpadder for several years now. I really like it and the software is really simple to use. But it is also for several years I'm waiting for a some simple improvement:

* Is it possible to add variables in the system. I think about this for games like Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2 and many other RPG. I would like to be able to use the left button to decrease my variable by one and the right button to increase it by one. When I press my A button this one do an differents action. The idea is to navigate through my skills and use them when needed. I found a little workaround with the 8 possibilities of alternative configuration. That is smart but 8 alternative is not enough for RPG.
* So is it possible to add more (infinite) alternative
* Is it possible to add text to speech. Something that confirme me that my variable is changing.

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