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I just bough xpadder today and it isn't really working for me. I did all the set up and everything but the controls and mouse are just not very smooth and it's simply not for me. I'm hoping you guys can reach out to me or whatever you need to do to refund me.

Thank you

The Rock
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Re: Refund

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I have bought it long time ago and still works perfectly , you sure you doing the things right? Xpadder its for controllers , button boxs , etc for simulate the keyboard , not vice versa

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Re: Refund

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I have Purchased Xpadder well over 11 yrs ago i.e. 2010 and it never gave me any issues to the point where I had to ask for a refund. If Jonathan comes right now in this forum and says I have to pay for Xpadder again, I'll do it. For me Xpadder is a giveaway given the price for it for a measly $9.99. That's a steal of a deal.
Just keep in mind that Xpadder is a Keyboard and Mouse emulator.

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